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Coupon Codes

You can create and display a coupon code for visitors to access your discount. Select the Apply via Coupon Code toggle switch to configure a coupon code for the discount.

  1. Auto- Generate coupon code:To obtain an auto-generated code for your discount, select the Auto-generate checkbox and WebCommander will create a unique code for your discount.

2. Enter code manually: You can also enter your own unique code by entering the text in the Coupon Code field.

3. Create a unique code for each customer: To create a unique code for every customer, toggle the Create unique coupon codes for each customer switch. Once the discount has been saved, unique codes will be generated for each customer which you’ll be able to view and export at any time.

4. Display additional information when the coupon code is used: By toggling the Display additional information when discount is applied via this coupon code switch, you can enter an additional message to display when the coupon code is used.

Once you’ve finished up, your discount will appear like the one in the image below.

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