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The product feature of WebCommander lets you create and modify product information as you seem fit. 

WebCommander allows you to create three types of products:

  1. Physical products
  2. Digital service
  3. Gift cards

To begin with, you need to enter the product's information and upload images into the WebCommander. WebCommander provides the opportunity to manage stock and pricing with advanced features. On-page SEO enables the product to have a high ranking in search engine listings. In addition, related products can be added . One of the key attributes of the product feature is the ability to configure versatile variation options of the parent product. You can provide variants from a combination of choices depending on the size, color or any other attribute of the product. Finally, the custom design feature of the product allows your customer to add and customize various designs on your product. 

    Create Product

    Products can be created from both the list view and/or from the explorer view.

    While creating the product, you will be asked to provide some basic information. Product Name, SKU and Base Price are mandatory fields that need to be filled out while creating a product.

    Product Name: Product Name is the highlighter of a product and is not an unique field.

    SKU: SKU(stock keeping unit) is a distinct type of item for your product. Webcommander auto-creates an unique SKU for each product but you can edit/change it as you desire.

    Heading: Inserts an Additional heading for your product page.

    Parents: This allows you to add category to the product. The primary category (parent) of the product can be added along with multiple secondary categories.
    After selecting the categories, you can define the primary category by left-clicking on the particular category name.

    Availability: There are three options

    1. Available: The product is available and up for sale.
    2. Not Available: The product is not available and not on sale.
    3. Available On Date Range: The product is available only on a particular date range.

    Visibility: You have the option to select the audience for the product

    1. Everyone: Anyone on the website can view the product.
    2. Customers: Only those who are registered as customers on the site can view the product.
    3. Selected Customer: You can set preferred customer/customer group who can only see the product.

    Base Price: The price will appear on the user storefront. The amount can look different based on Tax, On Sale etc.

    Cost Price: The cost price is the price of the product without a profit margin.

    Administrative Status: You can set two administrative status for the product - Active or Inactive.

    Product Summary: The summary is the key selling point of a product. The summary can have a maximum of 500 words.

    Product Description: The description area uses a unique rich text editor (redactor) to allow you to format your description text. This section usually has description of the product in details which is used to acquaint and convince potential customers.

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