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Dashboard and Dashlets

The new Dashboard provides an overview of the store’s various reports and key performance indicators (KPI). A new side navigation menu has been introduced for quick and easy navigation through the admin panel. Following lists down the key features of the upgraded dashboard and how to easily configure the reports to best suit your purpose.

Updated Dashboard UI

To access the updated Dashboard, select Switch to New Dashboard option on the top right, under the User Name menu. 

Figure 1: Switch to New Dashboard

The Dashboard with the dashlets of the chosen Reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will appear based on the site data. The sections have been indicated below for better understanding.

Figure 2: Overview of the updated UI

Figure 3: Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Figure 4: Dashlets

By default, Order and related dashlets are configured – currently, Order, Performance, Sale and Product reports and their related dashlets can be filtered and configured.  

The type of report being viewed can be filtered as follows:

Figure 5: Report Type 

The timeline for which the report dashlets will appear can also be configured. 

Figure 6: Timeline Filter

The selected report’s (Order for example) dashlets can be changed according to the site’s requirements as follows:

Figure 7: Configure Dashlets

Figure 8: Configure Dashlet Pop-up

A new dashboard with mixed dashlets from different reports can also be created to keep the important dashlets in one place.

Figure 9: Create Dashboard

Figure 10: Create Dashboard Pop-up

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can also be configured for individual report types by setting up specific timeline.

Figure 11: Configure KPI

Figure 12: Configure KPI Pop-up

The Performance report and the related data is a new implementation – WebCommander previously did not store information such as Most Searched Keywords, Most Visited Products, Session by Country/Device etc. Therefore, the dashlets will be generated with the site data after the recent update.

Figure 13: Performance Report, related Dashlets and KPI

The top navigation has been readjusted and moved to the side – it now has quick navigation features along with the same navigation and sub-navigation structure as before.

Figure 14: Side Navigation Bar

The option to easily go back to the previous UI and Dashboard is also available.

Figure 15: Switch to Previous Dashboard

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