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The discount feature in WebCommander allows you to create tailored discounts that can be applied across products and even specific customer’s groups. To start using the discount feature you need to log in to your WebCommander account and install the Discount Plugin. You can find instructions on how to install plugins by visiting the Add Plugins page.

Create a New Discount

1. From the Web Commerce menu, click on the Discount option.

2. Click on the + New button to create your discount.

3. Enter a name for your discount using the Name field.
4. Active your discount by using the toggle switch below.

5. If you want your discount to run over a certain period, you can do so by entering a Start Date & Time. Once a start time has been set, you can also specify an End Date & Time by toggling the switch below.

6. Once the above details have been entered, you can full customize your discount using the following settings

Exclude products on Sale: Toggle if you wish to exclude the products already on sale form the discount.

Discount can be used with other discounts: Specify if you would like to use this discount with any that are already existing. When toggling this option please note that if more than one discounts are applicable to a product/s, the discounts will follow the Discount Priority Matrix below.

Limit number of times this discount can be used in total: Toggle to place a limit on how many times the discount can be used.

Limit maximum number of times this discount can be used by a specific customer: Toggle to place a limit on how many times a single customer can use the discount.

Maximum discount allowed in an order: Specify the maximum discount amount that can be offered on a single order.

Display discount information in product details page: Toggle to display the discount details along with the product details.

Display additional information when discount is applied to a cart: Toggle and enter any additional message to be displayed once a discount is applied to a cart.

Display additional information when partial discount condition is met: This message can be displayed when a partial condition of the discount is met. For example, if the discount offers a three for two offer, when the first product is added to the cart, the partial discount message can be displayed to indicate that the customer can receive the discount through purchasing another product.To configure your discount, you can first select what customers this discount will target using the Target Customers section. You can choose between selecting all customers or setting your discount to only attract specific customers or customer groups.

    The next step is to Select Products to be offered under the discount. Again, you are free to choose to select all or select products and categories to include within the discount.

    Now that you’ve set your customer and products you can move on to create a range of different discounts on Product/Order, Shipping and Additional Products.

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