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Editor Panel

To get started the editor panel can be accessed in two ways:

1. A user can go to the WebCommander Admin Login page and login using their credentials. This will automatically redirect them to the back-end. From the URL, remove “admin” and replace it with “editor” and you will be forwarded to the editor panel

2. The second way to login is, to add “editor” to the end of your sites URL. For example, if your site is “http://mysite.com.au/” it will change to: “http://mysite.com.au/editor”. From here you’ll be able log in using your credentials and get started

The editor panel will already be laid out based on the template you have installed. At the bottom left side of your screen, a drop-down menu is used for you to navigation between your different pages. From this menu you can also Add new pages.

On the bottom right side of the Preview option can be found to view your changes as well as see what your site looks like between devices.

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