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Gallery Flip Book is Portfolio that displays images on the web in a manner of flipbook. We use Flip Books containing photos or videos to share content on the web. Gallery Flip Books display these photos or videos as silent highlighted clips in interactive and attractive manner to viewers who scroll through the page or website. To start creating your own Gallery Flipbook you need to be logged in to your WebCommander account. Once logged in you will need to install the Gallery Flip Book Plugin. You can find the instructions to install a plugin on the Add Plugins page.

Create your Album

Album is a collection of photos that you can use to build your website or online store.
You can create your own album
1. From the dashboard go to ‘Web Content’ menu and Select ‘Album’ for the drop-down menu of web content

    2. Click on ‘Create’ button on the top right corner to create your own album

    3. Fill in all the details; enter Name, Size and Description of the Album and Click ‘Save’ button.

    4. On the following page Click on ‘Drop your Image(s)/Click here to Choose’ option and Choose files to upload them to album and Click ‘Upload’.

    5. Click ‘Upload’ button on the following page.

    6. The Album with the entered name is created and the following page will automatically open.

    How to Use Gallery Flip Book

    We can use Gallery Flip Book to share the content on web in the form interactive and attractive images to viewers who scroll the content.
    1. Go to the dashboard and Click on ‘Web Content’ and Choose ‘Page’ from drop-down menu of the web content.

    2. Click on the ‘Action icon’ of a specific page and Choose ‘Edit Content’ from the drop-down menu to go to Edit Content’s page.

    3. From the ‘Edit Content – Home’ page and ‘Search Gallery’ using the ‘Search Bar’ and ‘Drag and Drop’ the Gallery Widget on to the right-hand panel.

    4. After you drag and drop the Gallery Widget, click on ‘Settings’ tab from the left tabs and select gallery from the ‘Widget Section’ drop-down menu.

    5. From the ‘Basic Settings’ tab, Enter ‘Title and First Name’ and Click on ‘Configure Gallery’ button in dark blue color to go to new page.

    6. From the following Configure Widget – Gallery page, select ‘Album’ from the Type Section and Click ‘Next’.

    7. From this new Configure Widget – Gallery page - Choose existing album or album that you created from the drop-down menu of ‘Select Album’ section to add this specific album to Gallery Widget and Click ‘Next’.

    8. Click ‘Next’ on the following page. Select a Slider form the list.
    Note:  The Slider we are using here is ‘Nivo Slider’.
    There are various Sliders available in WebCommander to configure a Gallery Flip Book that change the overall look and appearance of Images of the Album in the page. You can install different Slider Plugins (Section Slider, Anything Slider, SwipeBox Slider, Anything Slider, and Jssor Slider) from Plugin page. You can find the instructions to install a plugin on Add Plugins page.

    9. Enter the details in the following page and Click on ‘Update’ button on the bottom of the page.

    WidthEnter a number in the field to fix the width of the Gallery Widget
    HeightEnter a number in the field to fix the height of the Gallery Widget
    Direction NavigationSelect Yes or No
    If ‘Yes’, Enter the Previous and Next direction in the Label.
    Control NavigationSelect Yes or No
    If Yes, to show control panel list of images for easy navigation to any image from control panel
    Pause on HoverSelect Yes or No
    Click Yes,
    if you want to pause the image when a user hover on the image.
    Slide Transition SpeedEnter the Speed of transition of each slide.
    Slide Show TimeEnter the time of the slide show.
    EffectSelect the effect of your choice from the drop-down menu to choose effects on display images in the page.
    Hyper Link ImagesSelect Yes to show hyperlinks of the image

    10. After you Click Update, Click ‘Save’ button on the top right corner.

    11. Click on the ‘View in Site’ option in the top right corner.

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