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Modify Product

Once a product is created by filling out the Basic information, you can edit it any time from either the List View or the Explorer View.

The edit function of product provides you with options to update and add more information about your product such as available stock, low stock, image and video of the product, condition of the product and much more. The options under each tab is discussed below.

The Basic tab has been discussed in Create Product section.

The next tab is called "Price and Stock". In this tab you can adjust your stock, put your product on sell, add product condition, adjust the product properties among many other options. 

Track Inventory: You can set the product inventory by clicking on the inventory toggle button. The button enables two key features.

    1. Adjust Inventory: This feature not only lets you add or remove the stock (adjust Available Stock) but also helps you to keep a note in a specific text field. 
    2. Inventory History: You will be able to see the inventory history from beginning to end. Inventory history comes up with the name of the user that made the change, date, quantity, and note.

    On Sale: If the product is on sale, you can always provide the sale price using this option. The sale price needs to be lower than the base price. To attract potential customers, the base price will get strikethrough and, the sale price will be visible along with it. 

    Expect To Pay: This button allows the user to provide a price that is larger than the base price. Hence, their customer will see that the product price is expected to be a certain amount but, they need to pay the base amount. (If the base price is 10$ and the "expect to pay" button is on and set to 15$, the customer will notice in the storefront that the expected price was 15$(Strikethrough) but, they need to pay an amount of 10$.)

    Enable Call for PriceThis option will let you set a phone number or an email so that the customer contacts you in order to know the price.

    Restricted Price(Who can view?): You can set the audience for the product price. It can be viewed by nobody, or by only selected customers or by registered customers only (of your site).

    Restricted Purchase (Who can purchase?): You can also set the who can purchase the product upon their preference.  

    1. Highest: The product which price is highest among the combination of variation will appear on the storefront
    2. Lowest: The product which price is lowest among the combination of variation will appear on the storefront.
    3. Default: Considering the user has a default price, and if the user has selected this option, then that default price will be visible in the storefront.
    4. Mother: The product will return the base price in the storefront.

    Label for Variation: Price Label for variation price lets the user advertise more precisely about their product. We suggest the user add catchy words so that the customer gets attracted by the price variation. 

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