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When creating a website easy to use navigation is key. That’s why in WebCommander you can easily customise your menus using our navigation widget. To start making your main menu first you need to log in to your WebCommander account.

Create a new Navigation

To create a new navigation,
1. From the Web Content menu, click on the Navigation option.

2. Click on the + New button to create a new navigation menu.

3. Enter the name of your new menu in the Name field.

4. Use the restricted item toggle switch, to mark if the menu will be visible to users.

5. Save the Navigation

Add Navigation Items

1. Once your navigation menu has been saved, you’ll automatically be taken to the page to edit and add your new menu items. You can also access this page by clicking on your navigation menu from the list on the left side of the screen and selecting the Edit option.

2. To add a new navigation item,

  • Enter your page or link title in the Label field
  • Select the navigation type from the Type drop-down list
  • Select the navigation target to:Open in a new tab or window by selecting the _blank option
    • Open in the same window where it was clicked by selecting the _self option
    • Open in the parent frame by selecting the _parent option
    • Open in the full body of the window by selecting the _top option
  • Select the parent for that item from the Parent field if your new item falls under another menu item.
  • If you wish to display an image for the navigation item, you can upload it in the Item Image field and provide an n image title & caption. Images should not exceed 2mb in size.

3. To keep adding menu items use the “+” button. Click Save after you’ve named and configured each item to continue.

4. Once you have added your navigation items, you can re-arrange the order by simply dragging and dropping your selected item.

Edit Navigation Items

To edit an existing navigation item,
1. Click on the navigation menu you wish to edit from the navigation list and select the Edit option
2. Click on the Pencil icon next to the navigation item you wish to edit and edit the details on the left-pane

Remove Navigation items

1. Click on the navigation menu you wish change and select the Edit option
2. Click the X icon next to the navigation item you wish to remove

Adding the Navigation to your Site

To display your newly created navigation menu on yours site, you’ll need to add the menu to the header or footer section of your layout.
1. From the Web Design menu, select the Layout option.

2. Choose the layout you would like to add the navigation menu to. To edit the header section, click on the three vertical dots select “Edit Header Section”. Similarly, to edit your footer section click “Edit Footer Section”.

3. If you change your mind you can edit both the header/ footer section, by going to Settings and clicking on Section.

4. From the left-pane, drag and drop a Navigation widget where you’d like it to display. You can select your desired navigation menu from the Navigation drop-down option in the widget section. All the available navigations are listed in the drop-down menu.

From the navigation menu you can also select whether you want your menu items to display listed vertically or horizontally, as well as specify the responsiveness for the menu. Click Save to update your changes.

Once the navigation has been added to the header or footer section, the next step is to apply this layout to your pages.
1. From the Web Content menu, select the Page option. Find the page you would like to edit and select the cog to the right and select Edit.

2. Scroll through the layout drop-down and select your desired layout. Click update to Save changes.

3. Once the layout with your new navigation menu has been added to a page, it will display on your site.

4. You can also add, edit, and delete navigation items using the Simple Editor. Using this editor you can drag and drop items to rearrange them as well as drag items into others to create new sub menus.

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