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The Products feature in WebCommander allows you to create categories and products for your store. To start using the products feature you need to log in to your WebCommander account and navigate to Web Commerce. Since this is a core feature, there is no need to install any plugin and you can start creating your products instantly. 

Products View

The products feature in WebCommander have two views:

  1. Explorer View
  2. List View

From the Web Commerce menu, click on the Products option. It will open up the Explorer View of this feature. The Explorer View displays sub-categories under the root category and products under each of the categories. 

    The List View, on the other hand, displays the list of available products and categories in the system.

    Both of these views allow performing actions such as Create, Edit, Remove, View in Site, Export/Import of Product and Category along with adding of sub-category and products directly under a category. Each of these actions are discussed elaborately in their respective sections. 

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