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Shipping Profile

Create a New Shipping Profile

To create a new shipping profile,
1. From the Web Commerce menu, select the Shipping option.

2. Click on the + New button to create a new Shipping Profile.

3. Choose between creating a new profile or using an existing one.

i. Create Profile: A new Profile will be created without any existing shipping rules. On clicking Next you will be asked to enter the name of your shipping profile, followed by the Rule Precedence and your Description.

ii. Use Existing Profile: To easily copy an existing profile, select this option to choose from a drop-down menu of your existing profiles. Scrolling to the bottom of this menu you can choose to “Use Rule and Config” (use an existing rule) or “Copy Rule and Config” (create a copy of an existing rule). We recommend copying a rule if you plan to make any major edits or changes. On clicking Next you will be asked to enter the name of your shipping profile, followed by the Rule Precedence and Description.

Edit a Shipping Profile

To edit a Shipping profile, select your profile from the drop-down menu and click the pencil to edit. From this menu you can also click the x button to delete a profile.

Shipping Priority

Shipping profiles can be set in 5 different places, and the priority dictates which will be chosen.


A customer has the highest shipping priority. If the system finds that Customer has a shipping profile, then it will automatically choose that profile for shipping.
To add a shipping profile to Customers; go to Administration, Customers, Action cog of Customer buying the product, Edit, add Shipping Profile

Customer Group

After Customer, Customer Group has the highest priority. If there is no shipping profile mentioned within Customer, then the system will look for any shipping profile in the group the customer is part of.
To add shipping profile to Customer Group; go to Customer, switch to Customer Group, select the action cog of the Customer Group the customer purchasing the product is in, add Shipping Profile.


If the Customer does not have any shipping profile, customer does not belong to any group or Customer Group has no shipping profile, then the system will look into the products to check if there is any shipping profile. If one product has a shipping profile assigned, then it will be shipped according to that profile. But, for the other products without any shipping profile, they will look to the next priority list for shipping information.
To add shipping to Product; go to Web Commerce, Products, Product, Action cog of Product customer is buying, Edit, Price and Stock, add Shipping Profile.

Product Category

After Product, next in list of priority to check for shipping profile is the category the products belong to.
To add shipping to Product Category; go to Web Commerce, Products, Category, Action cog of Product category customer is buying, Edit, Product Settings, add Shipping Profile.


The last one in the priority list is Settings. After Customer, Customer Group, Product and Product Category have been searched for any shipping profile the setting will look into Settings.
Go to Administration, Setting, search for Shipping, add Default Shipping Profile.

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