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Shipping Zone

Different Zones can be assigned to each Rule, creating several shipping conditions.
1. Select the Rule to which you want to add a Zone and select Add Zone.

2. Here, you can search for an existing Zone or “Create New Zone”.

Create a new Shipping Zone

1. Selecting “Create Zone” will redirect you to the Zone page. This page can also be accessed in the top menu by selecting Administration > Zone.

2. Clicking on Zone at the bottom-right side of the screen will also take you to the Zone page.

3. To create a new zone, click on +Create button.

4. Enter the mandatory fields Zone Name and Country. Also there is the optional field Post Code(s). On adding Countries, a new field for adding States becomes available.
5. Once the information has been entered click Create to save your new zone.

6. The newly created zone will be added to your rule and your Zone page.

Edit/Remove a Shipping Zone

To edit or remove a zone, click on the cog button.
After the new zone has been created, go back to your Shipping Profile page, select which rule you’d like to edit and attach your zone.

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