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In WebCommander you can easily add and customize Snippets and Snippets Template using our Snippet Plugin. To start using Snippet, first you need to log in to your WebCommander account. Once logged in, you need to install the Snippet plugin. You can find the instructions to install a plugin on the Add Plugin page.

Create a Snippet

Navigation: Web Content >>Content >>Snippet

Select “+ New” Button

Select from the available “Snippet” options

Enter the details of Name, Description and mention what you want to be in the “Snippet” as below screenshot and click on Save.

You will get a “Success” Notification Message

You can see the created Snippet under snippet Section

Manage Snippet Permissions

Select the “three dots” besides the created Snippet and select Permissions

Snippet Permissions: You can allow other users to either Edit or Delete the created Snippet

For the demo purpose of this User Document the selection is “Deny” for both Edit and Remove options and then select Update.

You will get a “Success” notification message as below

Add Snippet to A Page

Note: You should already have a created “Page” in the WebCommander to proceed with this feature or please refer to the “Page” user document. 
Navigation: Web Content >> Page

Adding a Snippet

Navigation: From the “Page” Screen >>Select the “Page” you want to add the “Snippet” to >> then select Actions>>and Select Edit Content

On the next page: search for the “Snippet” Widget” >> select the Snippet and then>> drag and drop in to the on to the page and>> Select “Save”

Once you select “Save” you will get a “Success” Notification message as below

Create a Snippet Template

You can create Snippet Template to use in a snippet. All templates will be listed here.
Navigate to Snippet Template page and select “+ Create” Button

Give a name to your “Snippet Template” >> Select the Template Category >> then select Save

Edit a Snippet Template

Select the “Snippet Template” >> Select “Actions” >> Select “Edit Content”

You can drag and drop a picture if you already have or you can use You have to use HTML and CSS to design a Template. 
To Upload Image - Just drag and drop or search from your system and Click Update.

Your snippet template is created.

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