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Getting Started With the Simple Editor

The WebCommander’s Simple Editor is the tool you use to create and tweak your website. It’s loaded with features to help you make a site that stands out. You’ve got lots of ways to customise and build your site – add and tweak elements, pick colours, and choose a text theme. It’s all there to make your website unique and cool. Let’s dive into the basics to get you started on your website creation journey.


Sections are your go-to for arranging and showcasing content on your site. They cover the entire width, providing ample space to customize elements. Learn more about how to effortlessly organize your content with sections.


Discover the efficiency and style that Snippets bring to your website creation journey. These pre-designed sections make your life easier, adding ready-made elements with a simple click. Explore Snippets for a streamlined website design process.


Elements are the building blocks of your site, including text, buttons, forms, images, and more. Explore essential elements like Text, Image, and Spacer to understand how they shape your site’s content. Explore Elements to make your content shine.

Managing Navigation

Take control of how visitors navigate your website with Navigation Management. This guide walks you through effortlessly managing your site’s navigation. Start managing your website’s navigation to enhance user experience.

Editing Elements in Your Header & Footer

Your site is divided into three sections: header, main page, and footer. Learn how to edit elements in your header and footer to create a cohesive and professional look. Explore editing your header and footer elements.

Switching Your Site Template

Feel like trying a different look for your site? No problem! You can switch templates at any time while working on your site. Learn how to switch templates and find the perfect fit for your website.

Managing Your Columns

WebCommander’s preset column configurations make it easy to create visually striking and well-organized sections. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, manage your columns effortlessly.

Using the Editor Menus

Explore the Editor Menus within the WebCommander Editor – your toolkit for building a professional and functional site. Discover the features that make your website creation journey smooth. Explore menus within the editor.

Publishing Your Site

Ready to share your creation with the world? Hit the Publish button! Once you publish, your site is live on the Internet for everyone to see. Learn more about the simple steps to publish your site.

Ready to bring your vision to life? Dive into the Simple Editor and start crafting a website that stands out.

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Getting Started With the Simple Editor
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