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Setup Guide

Get ready to build, manage, and personalise your online store effortlessly with WebCommander! Our guides are designed with simple steps to help you showcase your products and create a fantastic shopping experience for your customers.

Creating a Product

Ready to bring your products to the digital shelves? Explore how the Simple Editor can effortlessly showcase physical and digital items. Begin your product listing journey by exploring here.

Creating a Product Category

Organise your store with ease by learning how to create product categories. This not only enhances navigation but also elevates the overall shopping experience. Dive into the world of organised product display by learning more.

Managing Product Variation

Navigate the world of product variations effortlessly with our centralised management system. Tailor your offerings to cater to diverse customer preferences. Explore the simplicity of managing product variations by diving in here.

Create Customer

Building lasting relationships with your customers starts by adding them to your system. Follow a straightforward process to capture essential customer details. Begin creating customer connections by starting here.

Creating a Customer Group

Efficiently manage your customer base by creating and organising customer groups. This guide simplifies customer management to ensure a personalised shopping experience. Explore creating customer groups by diving in here.

Creating an Order

Unlock the essentials of creating orders, a vital aspect of running a successful online store. Follow simple steps to manage customer details, select products, handle shipping, and complete the order process. Start creating orders seamlessly by learning more.

Manage Your Orders

Effective order management is the backbone of your online store. Learn how to navigate and handle orders efficiently, including tracking their status. Become a pro at managing your orders by diving in here.

Manage Store

Customise your online store to align with your unique vision. Simple steps await to configure your product inventory, manage out-of-stock scenarios, set up customer registration, and more. Tailor your store by starting here.

Payment Gateways Setup

Facilitate smooth transactions on your platform by exploring the process of adding, managing, and configuring payment gateways. Become proficient in setting up payment gateways by learning more.

Configure Shipping

Efficient shipping is vital for a thriving online store. This guide walks you through the steps to customise shipping profiles, set up shipping zones, and more. Explore the world of shipping configuration by diving in here.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your current setup, these guides are designed to be your companions in making your online store journey enjoyable and successful. Let’s dive in and create an online presence that stands out!

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