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What’s New in WebCommander Version 6.0

Welcome to WebCommander Version 6.0 – an update that brings a fresh perspective to website creation and management. In this release, we’ve focused on refining both the backend and frontend experiences, introducing features that make designing and managing your website more intuitive and powerful.

1. Redesigned Backend for Streamlined Navigation

Our developers have re-imagined the backend, restructuring the navigation to enhance efficiency. The dashboard reports have also received a facelift, providing even more insightful data to track your website’s performance.

2. Revamped Simple Editor for Effortless Designing

Sections – Prebuilt Content Blocks

Accelerate your website creation process with Sections. Choose from prebuilt content blocks like galleries, slideshows, products, blogs, and categories to streamline your design.

Upgraded Articles Rich Text Editor

Experience a more robust rich text editor with enhanced controls. Craft compelling articles effortlessly with the improved features of our upgraded editor.

Elements – Control Your Design

Unleash your creativity with the revamped Elements section. Whether it’s text, HTML, forms, images, videos, spacers, or social media integrations – you have complete control to design anything you envision.

Explore further details on the Simple Editor by clicking here.

3. Enhanced Simple Editor for User-Friendly Management

Managing your website is now even more user-friendly with an enhanced user experience (UX) in the Simple Editor. Take control of the following features effortlessly:

  • Pages: Easily create, edit, and manage pages within the Simple Editor. Learn the basics of page creation here.
  • Navigation: Customise your website’s navigation with simplicity and ease. For guidance on creating and managing navigation menus, click here to learn more.
  • Blog & Blog Category: Manage your blog content and categories seamlessly. For a detailed guide on crafting and organizing blogs, click here. To explore blog category creation and management, click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Site and SEO Settings: Fine-tune your site and optimise it for search engines. Explore the nuances of your Site and SEO Settings. Click here for detailed information and configuration options.
  • Product and Product Category: Effortlessly manage products and their categories. For a comprehensive understanding of your products, click here. To delve into the management and organization of product categories, explore more by clicking here.
  • Product Variation: Handle product variations with enhanced control. Unlock the intricacies of product variations by clicking here.
  • Orders: Streamline order management for a smoother process. To learn about handling orders effectively, click here for detailed insights on order creation, management, and tracking.
  • Customer & Customer Groups: Manage customers and groups with ease. To learn about individual customer interactions click here. For managing customer groups, click here.
  • Analytics (Reports): Access insightful reports directly from the Simple Editor.
  • Settings (Manage Store, Payment Gateway, Shipping): Configure and manage your store settings without navigating to the backend. Get assistance with payment gateway setup here, and learn how to configure shipping options here.

4. Introducing the Template and Plugin Marketplace

Embark on endless possibilities with our beta version of the introduced Template and Plugin Marketplace. Discover a plethora of modern templates and essential plugins that elevate your website’s functionality and appearance.

Notable Plugins:

  1. Clubeez – Your Marketing Powerhouse
    • Supercharge your marketing efforts with powerful email campaigns, subscriber management, and analytics. Contact us to learn more.
  2. Subscribloom – Subscription Management Made Easy
    • Seamlessly manage subscriptions with Subscribloom. Effortlessly handle subscription plans, billing, and member communications. Contact us to learn more.

Visit our WebCommander Marketplace Guide for a step-by-step tutorial on navigating and utilising this exciting new feature.

WebCommander Version 6.0 empowers you with a redesigned interface, intuitive controls, and enhanced user-friendly features. We’re excited for you to explore and make the most of these updates. Happy designing!

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What’s New in WebCommander Version 6.0
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