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Configure Site Details

Configuring your store’s site details is a crucial step in establishing an organised and branded online presence. From logos to contact information and date-time settings, this guide will walk you through each aspect, ensuring your store is not only visually appealing but also functionally accurate. Follow the step-by-step instructions to personalise your site.

Follow these simple steps to configure your store’s site details:

Step 1 | Store Logo

  • Upload your store logo to enhance brand visibility. Ensure it is a transparent PNG or JPEG file, with a maximum size of 50KB.

Step 2 | Favicon

  • Create a distinctive favicon for your site. It should be a transparent PNG or JPEG file, with a maximum size of 10KB.

Step 3 | Store Details:

Provide essential information to organise your store effectively.

  • Enter your company’s name.
  • Add the store’s email address.
  • Address:
    • Specify your store’s physical location.
    • Enter the postal code.
    • Mention the city or suburb.
    • Specify the state.
    • Indicate your country.
  • Contact Details:
    • Phone: Add the store’s primary contact number.
    • Mobile: Optionally, provide a mobile number.
    • Fax: If applicable, input the fax number.
  • Include your Australian Business Number if applicable.

Step 4 | Date & Time Configuration:

organise your locale settings for date and time.

  • Select the desired date format.
  • Specify the starting day of the week.
  • Select your store’s time zone.
  • Indicate the preferred time format (e.g., 12-hour or 24-hour).
  • Check this option if you wish to hide the time zone on your site.

By completing these steps, you’ll have a well-organised and personalised storefront, ready to engage customers.

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