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Create Pages

This quick guide will walk you through the uncomplicated steps to create and set up a page. Whether you want it visible to all, hidden, or limited to specific customers, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started on building a page that suits your needs.

  • Head to the “Website” section in your system.
  • By default, you’ll be in the “Pages” tab.
  • Click on “+ Create Page” to start the process.
  • In the popup, provide the following details:
    • Give a name to your page.
    • Enter a title for your page.
    • Choose a layout from the available options.
    • Select from Open, Hidden, or Restricted.
      • Open: Visible to all.
      • Hidden: Not shown.
      • Restricted: Choose specific customers (click “Manage Customer” for selection).
    • If selected, input or generate a password.
    • Check this box to select a navigation from your list.
    • After configuring, click “Create”. Your page is now created and ready to go!

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