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Domain and Email Configuration

In this section, we’ll cover the essentials of setting up your domain and email preferences. This includes customizing your website address, enabling maintenance mode, securing your site, and configuring email settings. Let’s dive into each step for a smooth setup experience.

Step 1 | Domain Settings

  • Website address: Input your custom domain for the site.
  • Enable Site On Maintenance: If activated, provide a maintenance message.
  • Enable Site Lock With Security Code: If activated, input or generate a security code. Optionally, choose “Number Only.”
  • Enable HTTPS: If activated, update the key or certification file.
  • Add Alias: Include additional aliases for your domain.

Step 2 | Administration

  • Select 404 Page: Choose the page for 404 errors.
  • Select 403 Page: Choose the page for 403 errors.
  • Select Default Country: Set the default country for the site.
  • Enable Site Captcha: If activated, choose Recaptcha version, and input Public key* & Private key*.

Step 3 | Email Settings

Configure general email settings for administrative & customer-related email templates.

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