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Welcome to WebCommander – your go-to place for building a website. Whether you’re running a business, pursuing a creative passion, or just want to be online, WebCommander has a simple platform that helps you create what you have in mind.

We’re not just about good-looking websites. With WebCommander, you can handle everything for your business in one place – like keeping track of your contacts, managing products and services, and handling sales. You can also promote your business through emails and social media, and see how your website is doing with easy-to-understand analytics.

Follow the steps below to get started on your WebCommander journey.

Step 1 | Create a Free Account

Enjoy the freedom of creating and managing a fully functional website at no cost with WebCommander. There’s no need to spend a single cent as you explore the possibilities of establishing your online presence. What’s more, you have the flexibility to create multiple websites under one WebCommander account, allowing you to bring various aspects of your ideas to life.

You can build a fully working website and run your business without spending any money. Plus, you can make as many websites as you like with just one WebCommander account. Find out more about creating a site for free. Once your site is up and your business is set, you can choose to upgrade for access to WebCommander’s Premium features. These include connecting your own domain, getting rid of WebCommander ads, and more.

Step 2 | Build Your Site

WebCommander provides hundreds of templates to kickstart your website creation. Our in-house designers have carefully chosen and researched these templates to align with current trends and industry requirements.

All our templates are fully customisable, giving you the flexibility to tweak them to your liking. Experiment with design and layout, edit or remove content, and incorporate plugins until the template evolves into a site that reflects your personal style and meets your business needs.

Easily customise every aspect of your website using our intuitive drag-and-drop technology. Shape your site to match your vision and make it unique with standout design features. No coding skills are required – just drag, drop, and create the website you want.

Step 3 | Set Up Your Business

WebCommander gives you the flexibility to build a website that suits your specific needs. Choose from our selection of over 150 plugins and services to enhance your site.

Whether you want to sell products through an online store, offer services with booking options, share your thoughts on a blog, display your work through a stunning portfolio, or more – we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are designed for a wide range of industries and cater to businesses of all sizes, from personal brands to large corporations.

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