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As a partner, you can access your profile information section, where you can view and manage your personal information. The objective of this section is to provide you with the ability to update your personal and business details, address information, and password.

  • The profile section is thoughtfully structured into three distinct parts for your convenience. You can easily manage your Personal Details, Business Details, and Address, and even update your password if needed. Want to change your name or profile picture? No problem! Just head to the Personal Details section. Keep in mind that the email field cannot be altered and will remain the same.
  • o update your business information, go to the “Business Details” section and modify the relevant fields, such as business name, email address, phone number, and website, as needed.
  • To make changes to your address information, simply go to the Address section and update the fields accordingly.
  • To update your password, simply head to the Change Password section and input your current password, followed by the desired new password. You’ll receive a confirmation email once the password has been successfully updated.

The Profile Partner section equips you with the essential tools to effectively manage and maintain both your personal and business information. It ensures that your details are always up-to-date and accurate.

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