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Create Customer

Adding a new customer to your system is a straightforward task. Below, you’ll find a series of fields to fill out, ensuring that you capture essential details about your customer.

  • Navigate to the customer section in your system.
  • Look for the “+ Create Customer” button.
  • Click on it to initiate the process of adding a new customer to the system.

Step 1| Customer Information:

  • Enter the customer’s first name.
  • Input the customer’s last name or surname.
  • Select None, Male, Female, or Other.
  • Provide the customer’s email address.
  • Enter the customer’s mobile number.
  • Input the customer’s phone number.
  • Choose between Active and Inactive.
  • Add the customer’s fax number if applicable.

Step 2| Company Information:

  • Enter the name of the company.
  • Input the Australian Business Number if applicable.
  • Provide the company’s address.
  • Add any additional address details.
  • Choose the country from the available options.
  • Input the company’s postal code.
  • Enter the city or suburb.

Step 4| Set Password:

  • Check to send a confirmation email to the customer.
    • Create a password for the customer.

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