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Welcome to the Reports section! Here, you can access detailed statistics about your plugins, templates, and websites. This section is accessible from the ‘Reports’ from the sidebar menu.

Once you reach the Reports section, you’ll find three tabs: Plugin, Template, and Website. Within each tab, you’ll discover a thorough breakdown of the relevant statistics for that particular category.

When you navigate to the Plugin tab, you’ll find valuable information at your fingertips. You can easily view the total number of active plugins, the amount spent on plugins, and your remaining payout balance. The Template and Website tabs also provide essential data on active templates and websites, along with the corresponding amounts paid and payout balances. By utilizing these tabs, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your plugin, template, and website activity, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize your success.

Accessing informative reports is made easy with our reports section. To obtain the report you need, simply navigate to your preferred category and click the “Download” button. The report will be saved in a CSV format, which can be conveniently opened with commonly used programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

If you have any questions about the Reports section or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team through the “Contact Us” page in the Partner Support section.

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