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About Templates

WebCommander has loads of templates to kickstart your website creation. Our designers worked hard to make sure these templates fit current trends and industry needs.

No matter your creative, community, or business goals, we’ve got templates for you. Whether it’s a recipe blog, a wedding site, a non-profit initiative, an educational hub, a travel and tourism site, or a financial consultancy – the options are endless. Choose a template that suits you!

What Are Templates?

When you’re just starting your website journey, it can be tricky to figure out where to begin. That’s where templates come in handy.

Templates are like guides that help you organise your ideas and turn them into a cool, engaging website. Each template is made by the designers at WebCommander and comes with everything you need to start – stuff like sample content, colour themes, galleries, inner pages, and built-in business features.

The best part? Our templates are customisable, and we’ve got free ones too. So, change them up as much as you want. Mess with the design, update or remove content, and add apps until the template turns into a site that fits your style and business needs. Easy peasy!

Choosing A Template

Our templates are neatly sorted into categories for easy browsing: Art & Culture, Store, Creative, Community, and Blog. To check them out by category, simply pick the one you want from the dropdown.

Templates in each category come pre-loaded with popular design trends, layouts, features, and tools that align with common goals in your industry.

Even if the content isn’t an exact match for your website topic, don’t worry! Consider the look and feel you want (like bold, simple, elegant, or playful), then explore various categories to find a template that suits your envisioned style.

If you have something specific in mind or don’t spot a category that fits, just type your idea into the search bar at the top of the marketplace.

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About Templates
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